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Mountain engagement ring designs

Updated June 8, 2022

Shout your love from the mountain tops

A quick Google search tells you there are over one million mountains in the world (1,187,049 to be exact, and that’s just the ones with names). It’s no wonder that we’re seeing so many couples using the sturdy symbol for inspiration in their engagement rings. Whether you and your partner are avid hikers, love the outdoors, or are looking for a way to symbolize the unmoving nature of your love, mountain inspired engagement rings offer a one-of-a-kind, “CustomMade” touch.

From rings with a literal addition of mountain imagery to those which simply nod at their peaks, let’s take a look at some of our favorite mountain themed rings.


The first mountain inspired ring that “peaked” our interest looks like an average yellow gold and diamond ring from the front. When you turn it to the side, however, you can see a peekaboo mountain range popping up! Peekaboos are secret touches added under the gallery of the ring that can only be seen if you know where to look. The added inscription of “original adventure, classic conversations” gives this mountain inspired ring an added secret touch.


The next inspiration in our lineup doesn’t just use the engagement ring to add touches of mountains, but the whole bridal set. The pear shaped moonstone engagement ring stands beautifully on its own. When nestled with the wedding band, though, the set takes on a new life and showcases peaks and valleys of a mountain range. The open cuff style of the mountain-laced band cradles the engagement ring’s center stone, letting the rings sit flush with each other and adds an organic, layered effect. The pointed top of the pear shaped moonstone blends the engagement ring seamlessly into the mountain range band so the center stone itself becomes a mountain!


Let’s sidestep engagement rings for a minute and turn our focus to wedding bands. We know, we know, this post is supposed to be all about “mountain engagement ring designs,” but this on-theme wedding band is just too pretty to pass up! Using fun and unique designs isn't just for engagement rings, and people are starting to get more creative with their wedding bands too. This rose gold band has a simple take on mountains with just a few minimal lines and engravings to represent mountains. Another unique touch on this specific band is the addition of a colored gemstone: emerald, to be exact! See? Wedding bands can be unique and have bling too.


For a little mountain inspiration that’s even more subtle than a peekaboo touch, engagement rings can play off the peaks by incorporating triangular or pointy elements in their design to represent mountains. Not all inspiration has to be literal if you don’t want it to! Maybe you’re not into actually having a mountain on your ring, but rather feel inspired by their shape. A nod to mountains comes across in this rose gold bridal set, from the pointed top of the pear shaped morganite center stone to the three triangle diamonds on the wedding band that look quite a bit like a mountain range.


If you haven’t noticed yet that we’re suckers for hidden mountains on engagement rings, here’s another clue. Similar to a peekaboo on the ring’s profile under the center stone, this engagement ring has hidden mountains engraved on the side of the band. This yellow gold ring has a very elegant, simple look from the top with the focus on the center diamond, but turn it to the side? You’ve got a mountain range peeking through! Just more proof that you can add personal touches to any engagement ring in a way that’s as hidden or obvious as you like!


We’re almost at the top of this mountain sized pile of inspired rings (get it?), but couldn’t leave without taking a look at a ring that doesn’t just engrave mountains onto the ring, but actually uses them to make up the band. This pear shaped morganite is nestled between a sweeping range of white gold mountains on either side, blending off into the band itself. The point at the top of the pear fits perfectly into the peaks of the mountains, don’t you think?

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