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Bezel engagement ring designs

A few of our favorite bezel set engagement ring designs

Updated August 10, 2022

Whether your special someone lives their life on the edge and likes to scale mountains, base jump, and wrangle wild horses, or simply has a unique, refined taste in jewelry, a bezel style engagement ring can be a great choice. The bezel setting offers added security to the center stone for those living active lifestyles while still looking absolutely stunning, and those who are looking for something out of the ordinary are often drawn to this unique setting.


Lush blush! The rose gold bezel setting of this engagement ring embraces the pink morganite center stone. We love the way the soft curves are reflected by the slightly offset shoulders of the band. Add the peekaboo coffee cup embellishing the gallery and a matching wedding band and the whole design comes together like a warm hug!


When you have a marquise-cut lab-created emerald, wrap that stunner up tight! This design shows just how modern and versatile the bezel setting can be. The yellow gold band of this showstopper sweeps up to completely encapsulate the bezel-set center stone. The geometric etchings up and down the band echo the cut of the emerald making it shine all the brighter. A one-of-a-kind engagement ring!


The majestic blue of this lab-created sapphire is truly celebrated by the bezel setting of this engagement ring. A white gold floral crown blossoms above the center stone, flowing down the shoulders of the band. The bezel setting completes the look of the crown placed on the royal-blue sapphire, creating an engagement ring fit for the queen of your heart.


What’s better than one bezel-set diamond? Well obviously, three bezel-set diamonds! These dazzling lab-created diamonds are set in yellow gold with a split-shank band hugging together the center and side stones. Two delicate amethyst accents add a splash of color to this modern design.


What is there to say about this amazing engagement ring? It speaks for itself! A glistening lab-created diamond is encircled by a rose gold bezel. The brilliance of the center stone is echoed over and over in this lavish design with lab-created diamond accents flowing the entire way around the band. Modern, opulent, a striking statement of love!


We love this white opal engagement ring! The stunning teardrop shape of the center stone is beautifully encased by the bezel setting. The delicate point of the teardrop is repeated in the shape created by the rose gold split shank which also holds three delicate lab-created diamond accents on either side of the band.


Just in case we haven’t convinced you that bezel settings and white opals are a match made in heaven, take a look at this beauty! Gazing at this mandala-like engagement ring feels like looking through a window into the deepest center of the universe. The rose-gold bezel surrounding the center opal draws us in, framed by lab-created diamond accents and a mesmerizing geometric design. Sublime!


The rose gold bezel setting of this ring holds up its precious green sapphire for our admiration. And how could we not admire it? The center stone proudly sits on a delicate filigree base that curls around the band and holds two lovely moissanite accents. It’s a wonderfully timeless take on a modern setting.

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