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Cat engagement ring designs

A few of our favorite feline inspired engagement rings

Updated September 19, 2022

This article is part of our What's Your Inspiration series, where we explore the personal touches and sources of inspiration our customers bring to their engagement rings.

Simply the cat's meow!

Did you know that cats create unique meows to communicate with the ones they love? Just like a couple in love often have made-up words, nicknames, and inside jokes only they understand! A love for cats runs deep and true and we love to see couples include their furry friends in their engagement rings. Take a peek at some of our a-meow-zing cat inspired engagement rings


We think our first cat inspired engagement ring captures feline elegance purrfectly (ahem, perfectly!). The round center diamond is set with six delicate prongs creating the illusion of a rose when you gaze down on it. White opal accents run down the shoulders of the band, with an intricate filigree design on the gallery profile. And this is where we find our peekaboo cat: handsome, peaceful and dignified.


Two worlds collide in this stunning two-tone engagement ring, bringing together the couple’s love of cats and Pokémon! On one side of the lab created center diamond sits Bulbasaur in yellow gold, complete with a teal blue diamond accent. On the other side is a white gold kitty cat, slinking its way up the shoulder towards the diamond.


Not every feline loving fiance wants a cat front and center of their engagement ring, but that doesn’t mean a cat inspired personalization can’t be included! This couple wanted to celebrate their love for cats with two kitty paws engraved inside the band. The lab created sapphire at the center of the ring is set off by a diamond accent on either side.


How cute is this cat inspired engagement ring! We love the clever use of two trillion cut amethysts to create cat ears in this unique ring. That’s not all — turn the ring over and find two paw prints at the bottom of the band. Point ears and toe beans — it doesn’t get better than this for a cat-lover!


If you’ve ever seen a kitten go crazy chasing a ball of yarn, this next cat themed engagement ring will give you the giggles. The vibrant red of the lab created ruby center stone looks just like a ball of yarn or laser beam being chased by the white gold kitten making up the band. Two aquamarine accents serve as the kitty cat’s eyes.


Our next couple may have opted for a subtle cat inspired personalization in their design, but the engagement ring is anything but simple! We are swooning over this elaborate vintage-style moissanite ring! The cushion cut center moissanite is surrounded by an intricately designed vintage halo of moissanite accents. The band and the gallery are enhanced with embellishments creating a truly sumptuous setting for a peekaboo paw print nod to the couple’s love of cats.


Last but certainly not least, this happy cat caught its ball of yarn! We love how playful our final cat inspired engagement ring is, with a very cute kitten clutching at the precious lab created center sapphire. Diamond accents balance out the frisky kitty on the other side of the center stone, with the curling offset yellow gold band reminding us of a cat’s tail.

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