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April Birthstone Rings

Get inspired by April's birthstone — diamond

Updated June 3, 2020

This article is part of our Birthstone Rings series, where we share the beautiful and varied ways our customers have featured birthstones in their rings.

April's birthstone — diamond

When you think of birthstones, diamonds are unlikely to be the first thing that comes to mind. But for those with April birthdays, that's exactly the stone they get! Which probably means a huge percentage of the population was born in April, since diamonds are such an overwhelmingly popular center stone. Right? OK, maybe not.

So, what can we say about diamonds? They're excellent for daily wear and will look brilliant and sparkly for a lifetime. The biggest consideration for this birthstone as a center stone is the relatively high price. The good news is that lab-created diamonds offer an increasingly affordable option to get a genuine diamond at a significantly reduced cost.

For those who crave a bit of color, fancy colored diamonds offer a beautiful alternative to the more typical colorless sparkler. And, if you're looking to step even farther off the beaten path, you might consider salt and pepper diamonds as an unorthodox option.

Classic Colorless Diamonds

We really don't need to sell you on diamonds. They're scattered all over pretty much every page on our site, and they're far and away the most popular center stone choice. So let's just use this as an opportunity to celebrate the birthstone with a handful of very different, and very beautiful diamond rings.

First up: a clean, timeless, contemporary design. We designed a solitaire setting for this cushion cut diamond, with a modern style of diamond pave along the band adding sparkle. What do we mean by modern style? We use a setting style where the round diamonds are set very close together with minimal setting metal around them other than where the "corners" of the diamonds already have gaps. This setting style creates very clean lines and a continuous line of sparkling diamonds.

How about an even more modern look? For this ring, we designed a delicate, rose gold setting and turned the emerald cut diamond center stone across the length of the ring for a less common setting. This east-west setting style makes the ring more understated, though the elegant flashes from the step cut facets on this diamond will still draw the eye.

Let's stick with modern styling before we turn back the clock. Here, we draw inspiration from waves and the movement of water to create a flowing, organic cluster arrangement around the diamond center stone. The stones match the delicate curve of a gold shank, with aquamarine and the unusual choice of deep blue lapis lazuli bring color without distracting from the diamond's sparkle.

Alright, that's enough modern design. Let's look back to the Deco era for inspiration. This ring's understated double-halo incorporates subtle features at the four corners that bring in a hint of Art Deco geometry. And the center stone reinforces the retro look. Instead of a modern round brilliant cut diamond, this ring uses an Old European cut, which was popular before the modern cut was invented. It's subtle, but you can see that the table (the flat top of the diamond) is much smaller and, from the side, the diamond's crown stands up much higher. Still a ton of beautiful sparkle!

One more classic, colorless diamond and then we'll share a few alternatives. This customer wanted to feature a favorite detail she spotted on Pinterest: leaf prongs. So our designers built around that starting point, we created a delicate gold ring with clean lines and a diamond-studded gallery rail. The center stone we picked out together is a beautiful, lab-created diamond.

Alternative Diamond Colors

Some prefer gems with color and character, and there are plenty of great ways to get that look and still use the April birthstone. Two key things we want to get across with this design. First, fancy colored diamonds are a beautiful option in a variety of colors. And, second, while these can often be even more expensive, you can create a beautiful look without spending an arm and a leg on a huge diamond. This beautiful daisy-inspired ring catches the eye wit the whimsical, sculptural setting, and accents it with a perfect pop of color from the yellow diamond.

Looking for a bit more of a stark look? Black diamonds create incredibly contrast, both with the gold around them, and with any colorless diamonds around them. In this striking bridal set, we help the pear cut black diamond pop by surrounding it with a sparkling white diamond halo. The matching band brings in a tiara-style arrangement of additional black diamonds to create a truly stunning pairing.

And if you'd describe your taste as "alternative," you can always consider the character-rich look of a salt & pepper diamond. For this ring, we set a kite-shaped diamond with a really dark galaxy coloration. It's set with delicate claw prongs in an elegant, rose gold ring, which makes a wonderful balance between classic and unusual.

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