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Men’s engagement ring designs

Engagement rings designed for the Mr. Rights, Prince Charmings, and McDreamies of our couples’ lives

Updated November 17, 2022

For Mr. Right

Does everybody love a man who’s as strong and polished as a titanium ring, or is it just us? Traditionally, ladies have had all the fun, getting to wear the sparkly rings representing their love commitment. But these days, men, too, are joining the fun and wearing engagement rings, whether they were proposed to by their partners, or wanted to show they’re off the market themselves. Just as we’re seeing growing creativity in custom engagement rings for women, men’s engagement rings can run the gamut in terms of how they’re styled. Some feature designs as bold as the men who wear them. Others have broad shoulders, though maybe not broad enough for a lover to lay their head on. To see some of the unique men’s engagement rings our creative couples helped design, keep reading!


Some women like to dress their partners, others design their engagement rings. Julia added a feminine touch to her fiancé, Achyut’s, masculine ring. The width and angular edges of the yellow gold band are softened by wavy lines flowing in an ornate window grille pattern with accent gems. Rubies are stacked in a column while bezel-set princess cut diamonds float between the waves in the band.


Christine Grace’s soon-to-be groom loves dragons (who doesn’t?), so our designers picked a bold design for his dragon themed engagement ring. The dragon in the center setting appears almost alive, crafted in exquisite detail with its claws gripping its treasure: the shimmering emerald center stone. Swirly, twirly engravings make their way down the band, tying the whole design together.


What better way to celebrate our next groom-to-be’s upcoming day in the sun than with this sunny ring? It’s styled like a classic engagement ring but with a thicker, masculine look. The bezel-set princess cut diamond center stone shines bright while ray-like triangles in the ring’s shoulders radiate around the center. Finally, we added a double pavé of diamond accents to light up the yellow gold band and snaking solar flare-like details to complete the look.


Wolves are a perfect inspiration for a masculine engagement ring as they represent protection, loyalty, and strong family ties. In Brody’s ring, the geometric details etched in the polished white gold band lead directly to the center setting: the wolf head inspired by Fenrir from Final Fantasy VII (one of Brody’s favorite video games). It appears our grrroom-to-be is a lone wolf no more, as now he has his partner Jordan!


How do you show your man he means the world to you? With a center stone that looks like the Earth! Islands of green and teal float against a dark blue background in the solitaire black opal center stone. The stone is held by four prongs on a thin yellow gold band with a subtle masculine design: angular edges and double channels running through its length.


They may be men, but some are still kids at heart. This Disney-lover’s engagement ring is polished with dual channels engraved along the white gold band for a sleek, modern look. However, three bezel-set diamonds arranged to resemble a Mickey Mouse head add a whimsical touch. One final heartfelt engraving lies inside the ring: “to infinity and beyond”.


The beauty of custom-made jewelry is that you’re limited only by your imagination. This striking engagement ring proves it! This groom-to-be’s ring is inspired by the sword Tenebra, from one of Konnor’s favorite video games, Monster Hunter. The sword blade wraps around itself forming the band while a channel of princess cut amethysts run through it. They stop short at the center setting, an amethyst halo with lightning-struck veins etched into the yellow gold band.


Our final groom-to-be is a monster lover, not a monster hunter. Natasha met Jack at a Kaiju (Japanese giant monster) convention, so she wanted a Kaiju inspired engagement ring for her true love. The Godzilla-like beast in the polished white gold band is crafted to perfection and set against a pebbled background, making him stand out and come to life. He’s spewing a cluster of frosty Swiss blue topaz accents, making a look that’s cool as ice.

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