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Hexagon engagement ring designs

Spotlight on the distinctive geometry of hexagon cut center stones

Updated August 4, 2022

You may not notice it, but hexagons can be found everywhere you look: from the sweetest honeycomb to the strong plates that make up a turtle’s shell. The hexagon is one of nature’s most versatile and valuable building blocks and is considered by many to represent harmony, balance and union. Who doesn’t want a bit of that natural magic in their engagement ring?


We’re starting off our collection with a real stunner! This salt-and-pepper center diamond makes a statement set proudly in rose gold. The hexagonal stone stands in perfect harmony with the delicate diamond accents that flow down each side of the band. We’re getting salt and pepper, light and dark, night and day, the perfect union.


The versatility of the hexagon is easy to see with our second ring, matching an elongated hexagon with two trillion-cut accents to create a unique engagement ring. The center sapphire and salt-and-pepper diamond accents come together in a white gold band to create this unforgettable design.


Simplicity and perfection - take a look at this gorgeous hexagonal ring! We love this breath-taking ruby and yellow gold band. A closer look reveals a subtle nod to nature’s love of the hexagon: the prongs have been designed to look like flower petals, turning the stone into the perfect bloom. You can almost hear Mother Nature shouting “YASS!”


When you love the geometry of your stone, why not highlight it? The bezel setting around this blue-green tourmaline really emphasizes the stunning hexagon shape. The six delicate diamond accents nod to the six sides of the hexagon and the yellow gold band perfectly sets off the mesmerizing colors of the tourmaline.


We can’t help but see snowflakes when we look at this gorgeous engagement ring. The white diamond accents of various cuts and sizes around this amazing black diamond center hexagon have us imagining a perfectly formed snowflake landed on a rose gold band and, oh, we’re getting swept up in the magic of it all!


How lovely is this white on white on white show-stopper! A beautiful hexagonal center moissanite with shimmering moissanite accents spilling over either side of a white gold band. The six-prong setting around the center stone helps to accentuate the strength of the hexagonal shape while the accents soften the ring’s overall look. The natural strength and elegance of the hexagon is exquisitely showcased in this gorgeous design.


This moss agate hexagon is celebrated beautifully in our final hexagon engagement ring. The center stone, with its strong lines and angles, is complemented by dainty lab-created diamond accents and a curved yellow gold band. The harmony and balance between hard and soft, dark and light, makes this the perfect example of how beautiful hexagon engagement rings can be.

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