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Pokémon inspired engagement ring designs

A few of our favorite Pokémon inspired engagement rings

Updated August 3, 2022

In the wise words of Misty Williams “Don’t you know that love is the most important thing in the whole world?" We couldn’t agree more, which is why we think these Pokémon inspired rings are perfect for the self-confessed Poké-fan in your life. While we’d love to catch ‘em all, here are a few of our favorite Pokémon inspired engagement rings.


We think this glittery diamond set into the white gold band is absolutely, cheek-pinching adorable, just like the Pokémon that inspired its design. Pikachu crawls up each side of the ring in a shiny yellow gold for a contrasting touch. As if that wasn’t enough to make us blush, a look at the profile shows a hint at a Pokéball.


It’s easy to see the Pokéball inspiration behind this ring. For thousands of years, garnets have symbolized love, life force, and victory which we think works perfectly with moissanite coming together as the center stones for this unique ring. As if it weren’t already on theme, “I choose you” engraved on the inside really brings the Pokémon theme home.


Like the Pokémon influencing its design, this ring is RARE. After all, your chances of finding a rich coloured, lab-created ruby being cradled by a yellow gold Salamence and Bagon anywhere else are pretty slim.


This couple took their inspiration from one of Pokémon’s cutest characters: Bulbasaur. Apart from the beautiful teal blue diamond accent, what we love most about this ring is how both white and yellow gold were used in the design.


This ring gives a more subtle nod to the theme but will still be adored by every forever Poké-fan. We love the intricacy of the white gold band inspired by the ‘two-of-a-kind’ Pokémon Espeon and Umbreon. The London blue topaz brings the whole ring together with a deep pop of color.


Bringing Umbreon from number five to number six in our lineup, this Pokémon is created during the night. That theme of the evening is clearly seen by the deep blue sapphire at the center of this ring with a halo of red mozambique garnets.This ring boasts a beautifully detailed band that works in perfect combination with night toned gems.


There is no coincidence here that the Pokémon that inspired this ring evolves from Togetic when exposed to a shiny stone. If you want to light-up the face of your special Poké-fan, we think this beautiful white gold ring with numerous rubies and sapphires will do just that.


To wrap up our little list, how about one more ring inspired by a Pokéball? This ring features an antique square purple garnet rhodolite, highlighted with diamond accents and set into a delicate white gold band. All timeless elegance, with just the sweet, subtle nod to our theme revealed when it's turned on its side. A tiny Pokéball sits as a hidden peekaboo design detail on the ring’s profile.

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