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Magic wand inspired engagement ring designs

A few of our favorite engagement rings inspired by magic wands from Harry Potter.

Updated September 15, 2022

This article is part of our What's Your Inspiration series, where we explore the personal touches and sources of inspiration our customers bring to their engagement rings.

Cast a love spell

Want a touch of magic in your life? So did our wand-loving couples! We’ve seen magic wands in all kinds of lore: Cinderella, The Wizard of Oz, Sailor Moon and everyone’s favorite, Harry Potter. We may not have legendary wandmaker Garrick Ollivander on our payroll, but we think you’ll Dumble-adore these magic wand-inspired engagement rings our couples and designers co-created.


On first glance, you may not notice the famous Gryffindor inspired wand in this bridal set. The engagement ring pops in warm yellow gold with a moissanite center stone. But notice how the matching wedding band in white gold is a curled wand, from handle to tip? It’s styled after Hermione Granger’s, complete with wrapping vine details. Whenever our enchanting bride wants to set the mood, there’s no need for matches, she just arranges her candles and whispers, “Incendio.”


For a ring with serious bling, check out this showpiece! Dozens of shimmering moissanites in a Deathly Hallows inspired design surround the dark red ruby center stone. Our Potterhead groom-to-be, Danny, wanted something unique and elegant with lots of sparkle. Besides the moissanites, we added ruby and yellow sapphire accents on the band, carved in the shape of the Elder Wand. The ring even hides a heartfelt inscription inside the band: “Always.”


Here it is: the perfect engagement ring for any Harry Potter super fangirl. Sergio’s bride-to-be, Emily, adores everything about our wand-wielding boy wizard, so we designed her ring chock-full of references. Can you find them all? For one, the diamond center stone is flanked by carvings resembling a Snitch and a Gryffindor lion’s head. Also, the white gold band resembles not one but two wands — the Elder Wand and of course Harry’s own. Finally, on the ring’s gallery you’ll find a ruby hidden behind a Deathly Hallows inspired symbol and on the other side, a famous pair of glasses and a familiar lightning bolt.


You don’t have to be a Harry Potter fan to add a touch of magic to your engagement ring. This band has an enchanting design of curling foliage, the kind you see in a Suit of Wands tarot deck. The white gold portion of the band itself resembles a wand, and in the front, the wand’s tip intertwines with the foliage, like two lovers holding hands.


Some Harry Potter fans are more suited to the dark arts, like this bride. We love the devious look of the brooding black onyx center stone, held in place by a familiar dark symbol we saw in our second engagement ring of this lineup. Look closely and you’ll also notice the band’s design resembles the Elder Wand, a subtle reminder of the power this bride has on her hand.


For a more lighthearted engagement ring, check out his dainty piece. Of course, you can’t miss the beaming blue sapphire heart in the center, not to mention the surrounding accent stones in the unforgettable colors of the Hogwarts houses. And as we admire the curves of the intricate band, we’d be remiss to overlook the detailing inspired by Luna Lovegood’s two wands. Unlike Luna, this bride won’t lose either of her wands behind her left ear, as they’ll be safely on her finger.


Once again, two wands meet in our last engagement ring. To a casual admirer, the moissanite center stone dazzles the eye, but secrets lay beneath. A true Harry Potter fan will notice the first clues: the Hallows inspired designs on either side of the center stone. But look deeper, and hidden by the bride’s finger the wands of two lovers meet, in this case Ron and Hermione. We think it’s a beautiful way to express the mutual love at the foundation of this couple’s own magical relationship.

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