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Trinity knot inspired engagement ring designs

A few engagement rings inspired by this symbol of unending love, the trinity knot.

Updated November 3, 2022

This article is part of our What's Your Inspiration series, where we explore the personal touches and sources of inspiration our customers bring to their engagement rings.

The luck, and love, of the Irish

It’s called the Irish love knot, trefoil knot, or triquetra. Its endless curves and tri-corners intertwine in perfect geometric harmony for a symbol that represents everything from the holy trinity to the threefold nature of the Goddess, from the mind, body, and soul to the land, sea, and sky. It signifies unending love and can even ward off evil spirits! If you want to see how our creative couples used this versatile symbol in their own engagement rings, check out our list below.


Our first bride-to-be weaved some magic into her trinity knot inspired engagement ring. A brilliant round moissanite sparkles in the center while two trinity knots stand in support on either side. But the real standout element is the truly unique band circling our fiancée’s finger. Rose gold lines weave in and out in a pattern you might see in a Celtic sailor’s knot or interlaced braids in the hair of a beautiful bride.


Our next ring features a minimalist design with a unique twist, or rather, twists. The white gold band twists halfway up each side to form the delicate trinity knots flanking the solitaire center stone. When most couples choose a pear cut gemstone, they prefer it elongated. Not this couple, as they chose a squatter Swiss blue topaz in a bezel setting, making an already unique ring even more special.


For a subtle take on the theme, check out this dazzling beauty. From the glimmering moissanite center stone to the hidden halo accents and pavé-set moissanites along the band, you’ll need sunglasses to admire this engagement ring! Our dashing groom-to-be also snuck a couple love secrets for his fiancée: peekaboo trinity knots in the ring’s gallery and an inscription inside the band: “Mo ghrá thú”, Irish Gaelic for “you are my love”.


Unlike the previous ring, this witchy bride-to-be took her trinity knot and blew it up! Entranced by the Wiccan magic of the symbol, she lined her trillion cut amethyst into the curves of the trinity knot center setting and added twinkling Swiss topaz accents in each corner. For a bit more geometric harmony, the gem sits inside a white gold circle, representing the unending cycle of life, death, and rebirth.


Isn’t bright green just a perfect fit for the Irish love knot motif? We think so. A bezel setting hugs this engagement ring’s brilliant emerald solitaire while the upswept ends of the shoulder’s trinity knots lean in for extra support. The yellow gold of the ring’s band is giving us summer vibes and has us dreaming of sunny days on a big, grassy field in Kilkenny.


At this point, we’ve turned a corner in our list, or at least in this princess cut aquamarine. Our bride-to-be gave her center stone a slight turn for an eye-catching kite-set design. Elegant branches and leaves flow gently into trinity knots with their shimmering diamond accents. The rose gold of the band perfectly matches the pale aquamarine and colorless diamonds for a look that’s easy on the eyes and soft on the heart.


The trinity knot has meant many things to different people through the ages. For this bride-to-be, perhaps it symbolizes protection. After all, her trinity knots are carved into silhouettes that resemble Hylian Shields from one of her favorite video game series, The Legend of Zelda. Notice how the circles in the triquetras match the diamond center stone, making a perfect trifecta that mirrors the three triangles of the triforce inspired symbols inside the shields.


This couple tied the knot figuratively before they tied it literally! We could get lost in the knotty tangles of this engagement ring with its oval blue stone at center stage. Peer at the band long enough and you’ll recognize the trinity knots within the swirls and tangles of the tapered white gold band. A matching wedding band features more curling lines and a lone diamond that sits like a pretty necklace pendant.

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