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Lotus engagement ring designs

Updated June 23, 2022

A symbol of strength

Miraculously emerging untainted every morning from murky waters, lotus blossoms represent purity, rebirth, strength, and unmarred beauty. This makes them the perfect symbol for marriage, where a couple promises to be faithful and resilient in the face of life’s ups and downs. It’s no surprise, then, that some couples choose to add subtle (or not-so-subtle) lotus elements to their engagement rings.


This moissanite engagement ring takes on a more obvious nod to the lotus theme. Doesn’t the colorless stone remind you of the pure white color of lotus blossoms? We adore the halo of rose gold that extends around the center stone to form soft petals, and the aquamarine accents add the perfect pop of color. And those feathers on the band? Our customer, Jose, wanted the quills to bring a personal element into the vining band design (his partner is a writer, a lover of books, and a lover of Harry Potter — the quills hint at all of these).


At first look, you might think this ring is just a standard oval solitaire. When you take a quick glance at its profile, though, you immediately see the dainty, petal-shaped prongs that hold the diamond in place. This yellow gold setting is perfect for couples looking for a more subtle take on a lotus flower engagement ring.


We love when couples request bold metalwork! Our team designed these lotus flowers on the band that look like they’re floating in tranquil water. The Swiss blue topaz center stone provides a soothing splash of color, and the white gold leaves sweeping around the blossoms weave everything together.


Speaking of topaz, the London blue beauty at the heart of this ring brings a deeper take to the lotus theme. The band features a rose gold blossom with pointed petals that peek around the gem like a tiny halo. From the side, you get a better look at the lotus design, and the side stones offer a gradient of color that contrasts with the rosy metal setting.


This lotus diamond ring looks like it was picked fresh from a garden pond! The white gold petals that surround the lab-created diamond each hold an emerald, and the green and white combo really drives home the setting’s organic feel. Plus, the asymmetrical band is capped with a heart-shaped garnet for some added romance.


We’re getting serious princess vibes from this lotus inspired set. The pale pink morganite is the epitome of femininity, and the couple designed this lotus flower ring with a matching yellow gold wedding band. When brought together, the two bands surround the morganite in a floral halo of two-toned petals, making a lotus silhouette.


This heart-shaped emerald solitaire has some vintage elements to it, and a quick peek at the side shows the intricate, lotus-themed basket that holds the stone. The prongs look like layers of velvet petals, featuring an open design that allows loads of light to hit the center stone and gives off subtle flashes of green.


The last ring in our lineup looks like it came straight from Rapunzel’s finger! The sunny rose gold setting is ideal for the lotus theme, and the dusty rose sapphire center stone features an airy spray of petals around it. Two white, marquise diamonds brighten up the pinky saturation of the design, and the intricate branches making up the band tie the whole design together.

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