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Faux tension engagement ring designs

A few of our favorite faux tension-set engagement rings that seem to levitate their center stones.

Updated June 12, 2023

Held by loving arms

Looking for something a little unconventional? A tension-set engagement ring might just float your boat. This unusual setting style, also referred to as a floating setting, appears to hold its gemstone with the tension between two sides of the band, creating a striking effect: like magic, the center stone appears to float! Not many couples opt for this unique setting so we gave these rings a little support. And don’t we all need a little support sometimes — after all, that’s what a life partner is for, right?


Light and dark, push and pull, tension and release: they’re familiar themes in many love stories, and especially in Brenzalynn and her partner’s. Streams of pavé-set black diamonds, representing her partner, hold her heart shaped moissanite, allowing it to shine brightly. More dots of pavé-set teal diamonds shine between white diamonds and represent the fusion of their favorite colors, green and blue, and their besotted souls.


Our next pair of lovebirds infused their ring with an avian influence. Andrew’s bride-to-be, Joan, loves kingfishers, so her engagement ring’s beak-like yellow gold band dove in for the catch, holding an oval cut tourmaline in a faux tension setting. The deep blue of the center stone reflects the color of a kingfisher’s wings as the diamond accents shimmer like water droplets splashing above a lake.


You may be shocked to hear the things that inspire our couples’ engagement rings. Struck by a vision of her favorite Pokémon, Vivian wanted a Pikachu-themed ring with a colorless stone. Lighting bolt-shaped zigzags form the yellow gold band as each end comes together to hold a brilliant round moissanite in a faux tension setting. The charged-up center stone almost seems to levitate from static electricity!


From above, it’s hard to tell this isn’t a true tension-set engagement ring. Hidden supports underneath help hold the dazzling moissanite in place as the opposing ends of the two-tone band gently touch the center stone. The sleek design of the faux tension band creates a feeling of movement while the yellow gold portion adds a pop of warm color to an otherwise monochromatic ring.


These rocks are ready to roll! Lydia’s round jade, diamond, and black onyx look like they’re rolling down a hill made of white gold. The black onyx creates a contrast against the white gold band while the jade adds a welcome pop of color. Despite the illusion of movement, these faux tension-set gemstones are firmly held in the arms of the offset band for the bride-to-be’s admiring glances.

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