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Infinity Engagement Ring Designs

Updated June 23, 2020

This article is part of our What's Your Inspiration series, where we explore the personal touches and sources of inspiration our customers bring to their engagement rings.

To infinity and beyond!

The infinity sign, ∞, is a perfect symbol for an engagement ring. A reflection of a couple's unending love and devotion, the infinity curve winds around itself indefinitely. And, while almost any vining band can be viewed as a reference to the infinity symbol, many of our customers have asked us to be a bit more obvious in featuring the symbol in their rings. From overt infinity settings to understated curves on a ring's band, we've collected just a few of our recent favorites.


For this black diamond engagement ring, our customer asked us to include the infinity symbol and the date February 2, 2022. The date turns into the repeated number 2, though it's styled so that, at first glance, it looks like a bit of scroll detailing on the band. And the infinity symbols, lined with a few colorless diamonds, create sparkling curves on either side of the center stone, almost like a three-stone arrangement.


Our design sketches for this halo ring look like they're going to feature similar infinity designs to the ring above. But as we moved into the 3D modeling stage, we rotated and stretched the ring's infinity symbols so that they extend down along the band and are more understated. In fact, your first glance might just show you a cushion halo engagement ring with beaded edges for a vintage feel, and you'd be forgiven for not noticing the infinity symbol. We love a design feature that you might only recognize if the couple lets you in on their personal detail!


For this ring, we were tasked with bringing together a heart and an infinity symbol into an organic, flower-inspired ring. So our designer created the heartfinity. Er, infiniheart. Perhaps we should just stick to ring design and leave the naming to someone else. The blossom setting embraces the natural look of flower petals, curving with perfect imperfection around an oval moissanite center stone. And the vine and leaf of the band entwines with the heart-infinity symbol to create beautiful, delicate curves.


More hearts and infinity here, though this design intertwines them, rather than combining them. It's a less traditional design, which skips the center stone and opts for a cluster-style setting by tracing the infinity symbol with smaller diamonds. Our initial sketches also considered a subtle anchor detail, but the couple decided it was a bit too much, though they happily kept the bold look of mixed rose and white gold highlighting braided ropes along the band.


Alright, Bernoulli fans, this one's for you (sorry, Euler-ites... maybe another day). Here's a ring whose shape is based on the lemniscate Jacob Bernoulli first described a few hundred years ago. For the non-mathematicians out there, this shape is like an infinity symbol folded back onto itself. Our design wraps the shape around the finger and snuggles around a diamond to create this light, elegant, and one-of-a-kind ring. And we added just a few topaz accents to bring in her favorite blue color.


And, for this last one, we have the most literal infinity setting on the page! We set two pear cut moissanites in a two-stone arrangement, with the bezel of white gold forming an infinity symbol across them. The east-west arrangement of the elongated infinity symbol makes the ring sit with a bit more subtlety on the finger. But there's nothing subtle about the endless — see what we did there? — sparkle from the center stones and many accent moissanites set around them and down the band.

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