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Zelda inspired engagement ring designs

Our favorite Legend of Zelda inspired engagement rings

Updated September 8, 2022

It's dangerous to go alone!

What's not to love about the Legend of Zelda? If you're a fan, you’ve definitely spent long days and late nights on epic adventures, traversing vast fields and forests, sailing high seas, meeting whimsical creatures, helping those around you, and restoring peace to the land of Hyrule. As you know, it’s dangerous to go alone, but always better with a companion. The Zelda inspired rings in this list celebrate the love between couples who found their companion, that special someone who fills up their heart.


Styled like a royal headband, our first engagement ring resembles a tiara fit for a (Hyrulean) princess. The deep black diamond center stone is accented by emeralds, rubies, and blue sapphires in the shape of two Triforces. It’s said that the Triforce can grant its holder any wish. Of course, the first wish has to be for true love. But with two Triforces, what would your second wish be?


Hey! Listen! We love the designs Ramiro and Raven, our Zelda-loving couple, chose for their engagement ring: two fairies, one with a purple amethyst and the other with a yellow sapphire, flying as partners, side by side. As you know, the fairies are often traveling companions, giving advice and healing you in times of need. Also great qualities to find in a partner, don’t you think?


For Zelda nerds, we couldn’t think of a better inspiration than Zora’s Sapphire, the Spiritual Stone young Princess Ruto gives Link as a marriage proposal gift. Staying on the Sapphire’s water theme, this ring features an aquamarine center stone with light colored accent gems in the style of Zora’s Sapphire. Now, our groom-to-be Andrew is a super-nerd and wanted references to Zelda, The Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter. Look closely and you’ll notice the hidden Deathly Hallows inspired symbol on the gallery of the ring.


Our charming groom certainly knows how to flatter his goddess. After all, this Zelda inspired engagement ring features designs resembling the Mark of Din and the Mark of Farore, nods to two of the Golden Goddesses of the Zelda universe. On theme, the ring’s gallery features designs resembling a Triforce, just under the regal amethyst center stone.


Hyah! Don’t worry. We made sure the Master Sword inspired details in this engagement ring won’t cut the bride’s finger! That’s because it’s protected by the white gold detailing crafted to resemble the Crest on the Hylian Shield and a Triforce on the ring’s band. Plus, with a topaz center stone as blue as Zelda’s eyes, this is one badass engagement ring.


At number six on our list, here’s another Zelda themed engagement ring inspired by Zora’s Sapphire. This stunner was kept understated, just like Jez wanted, but the gorgeous ring looks like it came right out of the games. The simple design elements and precious metals — yellow gold and multifaceted diamond accents — come together into one elegant ring.


As is tradition, our groom showed his love for his princess with a flower. His fiancée Alyssa loves the Legend of Zelda video games so he included a personal touch, a Silent Princess flower design around the moissanite center stone. We love the rose gold he chose for the ring and the leaves motif around the band, gently falling as they surround the flower and Triforce inspired symbol on the matching band. It makes us imagine lazy days laying with a lover on a grassy field under a bushy tree in Korok Forest.


With our last Zelda inspired engagement ring, we come full circle. Just like the first, this one prominently features Triforce inspired designs — on either side of the piercing purple alexandrite center stone and underneath, on both sides of the gallery. For our other Triforce-powered wish, we wish you happy designing the perfect engagement ring for your beloved.

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