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Is moss agate a good choice?

Moss agate offers an excellent balance of natural appeal and a unique touch, but is it a good choice for an engagement ring?

Updated March 13, 2023

Mossy, modern, and mesmerizing

As non-diamond gemstones become increasingly popular as center stones for engagement rings, lesser-known options like alexandrite, sapphire, and moissanite are making a name for themselves. Among couples seeking something off the beaten path, moss agate has been stepping into the spotlight, offering an organic display of rich green and white color with whimsical inclusions that dance across the stone for a playful effect. What’s more, no two stones are the same, meaning moss agate is a perfect representation of the unique union between two individuals since no two relationships are exactly alike.

Moss agate is a stunning stone for an engagement ring, offering great affordability and plenty of options for customization, such as differing inclusion patterns, dynamic stone shapes, and more. With a little extra care and cleaning, moss agate can proudly sit at the center of your engagement ring for decades to come! Let’s take a closer look at what makes moss agate a good choice as a center stone.

Did you know?

Moss agate is sometimes referred to as "mocha stone." The name comes from the Yemen city of Mocha, which was once a rich source of rare gemstones.

Reasons to choose moss agate

Its organic, natural appeal

More and more couples are drawn to the natural aesthetic of moss agate, which is a type of quartz known as “chalcedony”. This means moss agate is actually related to onyx—another form of chalcedony—and has quartz cousins in amethyst and citrine. But if you love all things Mother Nature, nothing compares to the earthy vibes of moss agate.

This eye-into-nature stone gets its name from the inclusions that run through its semi-transparent body, from branch and vine-like veins to darker “bushes” of lush green color. Imagine walking through a foggy forest: you look down to see the mossy underbrush beneath your feet and admire the intricate pattern of vines, leaves, and branches that litter the forest floor. Staring into moss agate gives you the same experience (except, of course, without numb toes in soggy sock-lined hiking boots)! Its organic beauty captivates both nature lovers and couples looking for something unique, offering a soft yet lively take on the typical engagement ring stone.

Each moss agate is one-of-a-kind

Some brides prefer to stand out among the crowd of traditional engagement rings, wanting something that speaks not only to their personal tastes but also to their desire to set themselves apart. Moss agate is perfect for making such a statement! The presence of different inclusions means no two moss agates look alike, ensuring one-of-a-kind appeal for every ring. The myriad of possible inclusion combinations means that every stone has a different collection of lines, splotches, and more. For instance, some stones may have more of a milky white backdrop with only minor streaks of deep green, and others may feature a clear background with more of that forest green hue spread throughout the stone and only occasional green lines.

Since there are many styles of moss agate to choose from, you can even shop for your stone as a couple and figure out what combination works best for you. Just like your partner, we’re sure there’s a perfect fit out there for you when it comes to moss agate!

Fun Fact

Moss agate has many meanings, but it was once thought to be a good luck charm. People would wear it as a talisman to promote prosperity, wealth, and abundance, all good things to strive for as you begin your new life as a married couple!

It’s affordable

You’ll be happy to know that moss agate is a very affordable engagement stone! Compared to pricey natural diamonds, which range from $7,000 to $10,000 for a 1 carat stone, moss agate falls into the $100 to $200 range for a stone of equal weight. So, it’s a unique pick that can give you a personalized look without a hefty pricetag!

Moss agate’s price does vary depending on the variety you choose, and some patterns or combinations are more prized than others. Be sure to look at plenty of stones to find one that suits both your needs and your budget. The setting style you choose can also impact price, with finer metals like platinum and accents like diamonds and additional gemstones racking up faster than a solitaire moss agate in white gold will. It’s great to find a balance between your stone and setting, and our team can help you figure out the perfect combination.

It looks stunning in any shape

Moss agate’s distinctive appeal means it’s perfect for experimenting with lesser-seen gemstone shapes! Don’t get us wrong, you’ll definitely still find plenty of traditionally shaped moss agate with round, pear, marquise, and oval being popular silhouettes for this verdant stone. These shapes are great for giving moss agate a little more classic appeal while still providing a clear window to its veins of green and splashes of lushness.

However, the non-sparkly, included nature of moss agate makes it ideal for cabochons and shapes with fewer facets. These silhouettes offer a more in-depth look into the heart of the stone, often enriching color or allowing more light to enter and exit for a brighter view. Moss agate can dazzle in a daring kite shape, or maybe you’d prefer a smooth marquise cabochon to give you an up close look at all those mossy inclusions. Whatever you choose, moss agate is a stunner in pretty much any silhouette. Feel free to use your imagination and see what other unique designs you can come up with for this quirky engagement stone!

Further considerations


Overall, moss agate is a relatively hard stone that can withstand daily wear. It ranges from 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, meaning it’s softer than other popular gems like diamond, sapphire, and ruby but still has good wearability. Stones closer to 6.5 may scratch a little easier than those at a 7, so it’s important to store your ring properly and avoid any scuffing or scraping on abrasive surfaces.

Excellent scratch resistance

Mohs hardness 8.5 - 10




Very good scratch resistance

Mohs hardness 7 - 8





Moss Agate

Delicate scratch resistance

Mohs hardness 2.5 - 6.5



Additionally, to give you the best view of those gorgeous inclusions, gem cutters often prioritize surface area over depth when it comes to shaping moss agate. Doing so allows more light to pass through the stone and creates a brighter backdrop for viewing any inclusions, but it also means moss agate tends to have thinner edges that can more easily chip. That being said, moss agate is completely safe to wear as an engagement stone, and with the right care and storage your ring can last just as long as any traditional diamond engagement ring. It’ll just need a little more TLC than some stones!

Cleaning and maintenance

Since moss agate is a bit softer than more traditional engagement ring stones like diamond, sapphire, or ruby, it’s best to remove your ring any time there’s a possibility of rough contact with a hard surface to avoid splitting or cracking your center stone. Removing your ring while cleaning, showering, or exercising can also go a long way in preserving your stone’s beauty. If you’re someone who tends to be a bit rough with your jewelry, a protective setting may also be a great idea to preserve the edges of your moss agate. Bezels, V-prongs, and halos can secure the more fragile areas of your stone for safe daily wear.

You also don’t need any fancy equipment to clean your moss agate. In fact, mechanical cleaning machines can actually fracture inclusions, damaging your stone. A soft toothbrush and warm, soapy water can go a long way in keeping your moss agate engagement ring free of debris and buildup. And be sure to get behind the stone as well if you can! Too much debris behind a transparent stone can inhibit light performance, meaning you won’t get to see all the brilliant, mossy inclusions when you look into its depths.

Choosing moss agate for your engagement ring

Whether you're a modern day witch marrying your dream druid or just a lover of foliage and natural beauty, moss agate is a wonderful choice for an engagement stone. Its swirling mix of white and green hues provides a cool, lush aesthetic, and while moss agate may not sparkle quite like a diamond its unique personality certainly doesn’t stop it from shining! If you’re sold on creating your own moss agate engagement ring, take a look at some of the designs past couples have created with us for inspiration.

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