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Autumn inspired engagement ring designs

A few of our favorite engagement rings perfect for a fall proposal

Updated August 31, 2022

This article is part of our What's Your Inspiration series, where we explore the personal touches and sources of inspiration our customers bring to their engagement rings.

Fall-ing in love

If you and your partner love snuggling by the fire watching the leaves fall, then maybe an autumn-inspired engagement ring is right for you! Autumn symbolizes a bountiful harvest, which is a lovely parallel for a fruitful marriage as you prepare to say “I do!”. So let’s put on our coziest sweaters and sip on our favorite cider as we look at these stunning autumn-inspired engagement rings some of our couples have dreamed up.


To drive home the autumn theme for this couple, we used warm rose gold to represent the changing leaves and a branch design for both the engagement ring and matching wedding band. The lab diamond center stone and accents look like tiny leaves clinging to the branches that wind around the entire bridal set.


This setting has leaves that look like they’re just about to fall off in the wind! The marquise and pear shapes of the moissanite stones resemble leaves as they sway in the breeze, and the rose gold setting calls to mind the reds, oranges, and other rosy hues of autumn.


This couple wanted a darker take on the autumn theme, so we used a deep blue alexandrite and black diamond accents to symbolize a cool fall evening. The white gold leaves around the center stone mimic those last few clusters that remain at the end of autumn, slowly swaying on the split shank band.


We’re digging the rich ruby and sapphire accent stones of this autumn-inspired ring! They look like tiny berries on the bare branches of the rose gold setting, almost like holly starting to bud as autumn turns into winter. And the white pearl reminds us of a first frost or a glowing full moon on a chilly autumn night.


The leafy rose gold band of our next ring is giving us serious autumn vibes! The detailed leaves dance on the breeze and swirl around the lab emerald center stone as if they’re carrying it away. We love that this couple chose a green stone for their autumn-inspired ring, as it reminds us of the last bits of summer.


Don’t the colors of this ring make you crave a spiced apple cider and chillier temperatures? This couple chose hues like the orange citrine center stone and yellow gold setting to represent fall, and the white moissanite accents swirling around the setting create a pop of icy contrast.


Fall isn’t just about colorful leaves and cool temps, and we love that this couple chose moss agate stones to resemble the mossy undergrowth of a forest. The rose gold band has a vine-like pattern that wraps around two diamond accents, and the color combo brings the best parts of fall together in one ring!


The last ring on our list brings a more personal touch to the autumn theme, as the design incorporates the couple’s birthstones: topaz is the bride’s and emerald is the groom’s! The bride adores fall colors, and they started dating in October, so it was important that the ring capture the swirling leaves and bright hues of fall. And it shows! Take a look at that mixed metal band that incorporates both rose and white gold, and we love the leafy accents and jewel-toned appeal. But the star of the show is that stunning peachy-golden imperial topaz from Brazil that our gem experts sourced for this ring.

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