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Witchy engagement ring designs

A few of our favorite engagement rings inspired by witches, elves, sorcerers, and channelers of the natural and supernatural.

Updated October 19, 2022

This article is part of our What's Your Inspiration series, where we explore the personal touches and sources of inspiration our customers bring to their engagement rings.

I put a spell on you

If your idea of high fashion is all black, a cape, a pointed hat, and tons of mas-scare-a, then you’ll love our lineup of witchy engagement rings. Being witchy isn’t just about witches, though. It’s also about the mystical, the magical, the spooky, and the supernatural. With the help of our hardworking designers, these bewitching brides and ghoulish grooms conjured up a cauldron-full of witchy engagement rings. We hope they enchant you as much as they did us.


With her engagement ring, Victoria wanted to go back to nature and add a touch of whimsy with an earthy and elven inspired piece. So, our designers gave her nature-themed band a hammered look, as if chiseled by an old master. The leafy branches of the rose gold band swirl into a bright, blooming emerald with amethyst accents that radiate like petals on a magic, multicolored flower from an elvish garden.


Not everything is sunshine and unicorns. Here’s a ring that’s fit for a wicked enchantress. The white gold band is peppered with black spinels surrounding infinity symbols. The band’s curving lines sweep into the crimson garnet Mozambique center stone, marquise cut to resemble an evil eye, always watching. Be careful or this badass babe will put a hex on you!


Our next witchy engagement ring features a black heart for a devilish twist on a classic love symbol. Tyler wanted to include nature elements in the ring and how could we object? After all, the heart wants what it wants. The white gold band curls and creeps like a vine enveloping its onyx center stone. And those little onyx accents next to the heart? They aren’t edible berries, trust us.


Double, double, toil and trouble! This set contains an engagement ring and a wedding band. Can you tell witch is witch? The engagement ring is the one with that enchanting pear cut salt and pepper diamond center stone, its flakes casting an uncanny illusion of movement, like a black cat darting in the corner of your vision. Shimmering diamond accents form a half halo under the salt and pepper diamond, mirroring the sleek wedding ring that sits atop like a regal tiara — perhaps for a spellbinding sorceress or a coven’s high priestess?


Our bride-to-be Rachael knows all about nature’s renewing power and our designers channeled that natural splendor into her engagement ring. Vining leaves flow through the band, matching the cascading watery blue topaz gemstones. All those elements highlight the captivating trillion cut amethyst center stone that plays with the light, like the surface water of a deep well or even a secret portal, entrancing you with its brilliance and beckoning you to come closer and be renewed.


Our final bride-to-be’s bewitching engagement ring is bursting with a bouquet of gemstones. The yellow gold band, twisting and intermingling like the hands of two lovers, sets the stage for the flowery show: a dark green tourmaline surrounded by six amethyst side stones. Those particular colors hide deep meaning for those in the know: the green represents wealth and prosperity while the purple represents wisdom and magic. Not a bad charm to have on your finger, don’t you think?

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