A Geeky Guide to Magical Rings

A ring symbolizes so many different things, depending on the culture and community in which it is located. Rings symbolize wholeness, completeness, and eternity through an unending circle. In the world of fantasy and magic, rings hold power and prestige for the wearer.

With all of these vast and varying meanings, many people design custom made rings to reflect their own personality. Like Joe, who paired up with builder Endless Designs to create the ultimate R2D2-style proposal. Or the Green Lantern ring Glenn Slingsby designed for his son. Or any of the other inspired rings in our Geeky Rings collection. It's clear that rings can move so far beyond a simple unending circle.

We've teamed up with Ghergich & Co. to bring you a guide to our favorite geeky rings. Perhaps these stories will inspire your very own custom made piece!

CustomMade presents A Geeky Guide to Magical Rings Infographic

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